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What is the temperature range that the HPS Fence automatic chicken coop door can endure?

About HPS Automatic Chicken Door Opener Quality

How often do I have to replace the batteries for HPS Fence automatic chicken coop door and which

Normally, the new batteries can be used for more than 6 months.When red light flashes frequently, please replace batteries.Please use high quality batteries. Avoid rechargeable batteries as they can dip in voltage in colder weather.

Why the door is aluminum?

Because aluminum is light. It will cost low power consumption. And aluminum is hard to be rust. Looks really beautiful.

If I use my own door to work with HPS Fence automatic chicken coop door opener, what is the weight

The weight should be 300g~1kg.

What is the length of the string that is provided as part of the HPS Fence automatic chicken coop do

Our string is 2m. If you would like to adjust the string to make it longer, please contact us so that we can make the adjustments to your unit as necessary.

Is it ok to use my own sticker and packing for the electric fence energizer?

Yes, it is ok. You can use your own sticker packing.

What about the packaging of the electric fence energizer?

Each energizer is packed in the inner box. There is foam inside the box to protect the energizer.

How many joules of electric fence energizer do I need for an elephant?

We suggest 4.8J energizer. Because elephants have thicker skin.

What are the power supply methods of the electric fence energizer?

We have 3 types: DC 12V, AC 110V-240V and solar 12V.

What is the applicable range of the electric fence energizer?

We have different types for you to choose. 0.5J is for 5km; 1J is for 10km; 2J is for 20km; 3.5J is for 30km; 4.8J is for 45km.

How do I choose an energizer?

1. Please contact with us to get the suggestion.2. Total length of fence line–now and in the future?3. Species to be contained and/or deterred.4. Climate of site–humid, dry or both?5. Soil (clay, sand, rock or loam)?6. Conductor (steel, aluminum, electroplastic twine/tape)?7. Permanent, semi-permanent, temporary or mixed?8. Will vegetation along either side of fence be controlled by grazing and/or spraying?9. Power source–110v AC or battery?10. Existing fences or posts?11. Subdivision, perimeter fence or both?

How is freight calculated?

We will ship the goods by express, by sea, by train or by air. We will quote you after the order list confirmed.

What methods of payment can I use?


How do you use my personal information?

We do not share or sell your name/address or email address with any other business!